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Guiding our clients through growing uncertainty
and rapid change... challenges we love.

We're intent on making a difference!

With the business world changing at an unprecedented rate, there’s a good chance that assumptions made today will not hold true tomorrow. Increasingly, leaders are being called upon to deal with more complex problems requiring teamwork, flexibility and collaboration.

We founded StrategicRetreats to help leaders deal with growing uncertainty and rapid change. Our expertise lies in three distinct, yet interrelated, areas: strategic planning, facilitation and research.  

Extensive business, consulting and facilitation experience.

Our Principals have extensive business, consulting and facilitation experience. Both have built effective teams and achieved tangible results as entrepreneurs, executives and consultants. We pride ourselves on being active listeners, and we're known for our collaborative style, humour and buttoned-down processes – whether we're developing a strategic plan, facilitating a retreat or digging in to get hard-to-find information on which to base important decisions. Collectively, we have…

  • facilitated more than 500 meetings, workshops and corporate retreats.
  • developed over 200 strategic plans for businesses and not-for-profits.
  • facilitated brand and marketing strategies for over 30 organizations.
  • conducted more than 2,000 personal interviews with C-level executives and managers.
  • undertaken dozens of research assignments involving surveys, interviews and focus groups.

The benefits are clear.

According to our clients, the benefits of retaining us include greater collaboration, better decisions, more robust strategies, and pragmatic action plans. Learn more about Bob and Chris.


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