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Mapping the path to your intended future.





Our proven strategic planning process opens a clear path to the future
you intend to own.

Building an effective strategy requires a rigorous process that engages stakeholders and considers alternative ways of achieving your longer-term goals. Our approach has been refined over the last 20 years, and more than 200 projects. We’re experienced in working with mid-market businesses, associations and other not-for-profits to prioritize issues and develop innovative, actionable strategies right-sized for your organization.

From experience, we know that many plans fail when the goals and initiatives are unrealistic and undoable. As your guide in the strategic planning wilderness, we make sure that everything in your plan is clear, and focused on moving your organization from where it is today to where you intend it to be in the future.

Clear and comprehensive.

Our planning process engages management, staff and Board members in a collaborative effort to build a plan with widespread support. Key steps include:

  1. forming a Strategic Planning Project Team (SPPT) to share insights and serve as a sounding board;
  2. identifying actionable insights through internal and external research;
  3. facilitating one or more retreats to process information, agree on the future you intend to own, and formulate strategic initiatives;
  4. revisiting the organization's vision, mission and core values to ensure they are in sync with your intended future and business competencies; and
  5. developing the strategy with input from the SPPT, executive team and other stakeholders.

Early wins engage and motivate.

Once your plan has been finalized and approved, we will help you obtain buy in from your management team, employees and any other stakeholders who matter to your success.  

Most importantly, we will help you operationalize your plan, developing a detailed Action Agenda that breaks each initiative into its component parts, and assigns accountabilty, responsibility, and timing. 

In addition, we'll work with you to select a few projects that can get underway and be completed quickly – ideally in 90 days or less. Achieving a few early "wins" can make the difference between a plan that engages and motivates and one in which management and employees lose interest.


Tough questions drive our planning process...

  • ​Why do we exist in the worlds of today and tomorrow?
  • How are our customers better off because we exist? What’s in it for them?
  • What’s going on around us that will – or could – have an impact on our strategic direction and how we move forward?
  • What’s changing in the market, and how could it affect our business? 
  • Where do we want to be – or intend to be – in three, five years, 10 years?
  • Do employees, managers and customers share a similar view of our business?
  • What gaps exist between our current reality and our intended future?
  • What can we do to close these gaps?
  • What should we stop doing? Do less of? Do more of?
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Implementing your strategy.

We are available to work with your team to operationalize your strategy, and to meet at regular intervals to keep things on track. Learn more.



Getting ready to update your strategic plan?

Our proven planning process has worked for dozens of clients. It's straightforward, comprehensive, collaborative and designed to engage your team and achieve your desired future.