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Getting to your ultimate destination with
small steps prevents missteps.

90-day plans will help you accomplish
your biggest goals.

In our experience, the problem with many strategic plans lies in what we call the never-ever-land effect.  It happens when the plan appears out of reach to those who are tasked with implementing it.

  • Encourage greater involvement with smaller tasks that can be achieved in 90 days or less.
  • Motivate employees by celebrating "wins."

Strategic plans, by definition, take a 40,000-foot view of a business. When a plan is not broken down into its component parts, the entire undertaking can seem overwhelming, a problem that can cause managers to back away from the work involved.

90-day plans can save a longer-term strategy.

90-day plans are designed to isolate doable portions of a broader strategy, effectively laying out a series of tasks to accomplish an important albeit shorter-term goal.

One 90-day plan might represent a single step along the path to achieving an ambitious objective. And, while two, three or more 90-day plans might be required to make a dent in a major initiative, these can make the most daunting strategic initiatives possible. 


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