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Is your business strategy
creating a fertile environment
for your association?


For associations, delivering member value
is the highest priority.

Typically, an association exists to promote or protect the interests of a particular group. Its purpose could be public protection through regulation and enforcement. It could be training and education, certification, enhancing a profession's reputation or ensuring everyone is playing by the same set of rules.

Whether membership is optional or mandatory...

When membership is optional, an association must be very focused on delivering value, or risk a stagnant or declining membership. Even when membership is mandatory – as for real estate agents, investment advisors, doctors, accountants, or lawyers – an association benefits when members feel they are getting value for their investment of money (and time). Our work with associations includes...

  • Research to determine what members value and how well your association is delivering.
  • Strategic planning to prioritize opportunities and challenges, develop a vision and strategy that members will embrace, allocate scarce resources, and deliver the greatest benefit to the greatest number of members.
  • Branding to position an association to appeal to important stakeholders.
  • Board development to ensure the board is performing at the highest level and making a positive contribution to the association's success.
  • Stakeholder engagement to align employees with member needs and interests.


Enhance your ability to grow and prosper
Business Strategy Checkup.

Strategic planning often gets a bad rap. Understandable if an association has seen little benefit. But sadly, if that's the case, the organization and its members are missing out. When the planning process works as it should, the business strategy will be able to guide an association's team through uncertainty and focus resources on achieving some very big goals.

Get more from your planning.

The Business Strategy Checkup takes a close look at the way your association approaches strategic planning. Our goal is to help you get more from the time, money and energy you invest in developing and operationalizing your strategic plan.

No cost, no strings.

The Checkup is yours, absolutely free and with no strings attached. Spend just 5 minutes and we'll send you a report highlighting the steps you can take to get better results from your planning process – possibly from your existing plan.

What’s our "agenda"?

That’s simple! We’d like you to remember when you're considering outside help to update your business strategy, or need a facilitator for an important meeting or retreat. And, from time to time, we'd like to share ideas for making your strategy work harder. Of course, you can opt out at any time.

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We're known
by our associations!

We've undertaken dozens of projects for associations of many types and sizes. 

  • Canadian Association of Gift Planners
  • Central Service Association of Ontario
  • Consulting Engineers of Ontario
  • Hospice Palliative Care Ontario
  • Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario
  • Ontario Community Support Association
  • CPA Canada
  • Ontario Kinesiology Association
  • Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA)
  • REALpac
  • Royal Canadian Golf Association (RCGA)
  • The Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board
  • Waterloo Regional Tourism Marketing Corporation


  NEW !  

A new tool for evaluating
your association's
business strategy.

Ever wondered how you can make your business strategy more relevant and successful? Concerned about the return you get on the time and money invested in creating it?

Informative. Confidential. Free.

Our Business Strategy Checkup will show you how you measure up on the 7 key questions every strategy must address. It takes less than 5 minutes to do, and the analysis and recommendations you get back will make it more than worthwhile.

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Getting ready to update your strategic plan?

Our proven planning process has worked for dozens of clients. It's straightforward, comprehensive, collaborative and designed to engage your team and achieve your desired future.